Our Family

Lee Liming and Kristin Schultz

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Kristin is the Pastor of All Saints Lutheran Church in Albuquerque, NM.

Lee is a research staff member at the University of Chicago.

Evan is a high school junior with a passion for soccer. He’s played on his school’s team for two years and is playing competitively with Rio Rapids this year. He loves watching professional games almost as much as playing, and he referees for a local recreational league.

Noah is in his second year of middle school and is an avid reader and an amateur scientist. He takes his responsibility for mentoring his younger brother, Micah, quite seriously, and is getting frighteningly good at predicting the plots of the books we read at bedtime.

Micah is a fifth grade bundle of joy with a serious thing for LEGOs, Minecraft, and other simulator-style games. When he’s not charming his parents with his precociousness or his good nature, he’s playing out amazing scenarios with his LEGOs. He’s a feisty kid who’s not afraid to tell you just what he wants.