Our Family

Lee Liming and Kristin Schultz

In 2016, we acquired the most recent additions to our family: a pair of female sugar gliders named Maisy and Djubi. Sugar gliders are small marsupials that live natively in the trees of eastern Australia. Like flying squirrels, they have “wing” membranes stretching between their arms and legs that allow them to glide when they jump. They’re also excellent climbers. They have hands (with thumbs!) on all four limbs and their long tails help them balance. They love to come out of their cage, climbing on our bodies and exploring small rooms, receiving small treats, and showing us how far they can jump. One of their favorite games is leaping from one person’s head to another’s. They’re nocturnal, so they sleep most of the day and visit with us before we go to bed or right after we wake up, spending the rest of the night playing in their cage.